22 serbiske NGO-organisationers appel til de politisk ansvarlige i Juguslavien om at forhandle ud fra G8-udspillet.

On Thu, 13 May 1999 08:24:30 +0200,

Original Sent: 12 May 1999 16:53




The NATO aggression and continuous attacks against the FR of Yugoslavia

have been going on for 44 days now. Hundreds of thousands of Kosovo

Albanians have been forced to leave their homes. Under the tonnes of

high-tech bombs and missiles the land is being converted to cinders, and

the losses of human life grow daily. The infrastructure of the already

impoverished Yugoslav society has been nearly completely destroyed,

while destruction of the principal bridges and roads makes impossible

communication between different parts of the country and is

progressively cutting us off from the world.

These are facts to which one must not close one's eyes and deceive

people with unrealistic optimistic promises. Non-governmental

organisations, have sharply condemned the NATO aggression against our

country. But the organs of state must assume political responsibility,

realistically estimate the magnitude of losses and damages so far, and

on that basis take rational decisions on further steps.

That is why non-governmental organisations are asking the governments

of the FRY, Serbia and Montenegro and their parliaments to move from

generalised declarations about a diplomatic and peaceful solution to the

Kosovo problem and the war being waged in the territory of Yugoslavia to

concrete and responsible planning for solution of the present crisis,

based on necessary compromises in order to bring closer the positions of

all sides in the conflict. We are at war with an enemy who is many times

stronger, and are not in a situation to set down conditions without

concessions and compromises. It must not be allowed that a whole nation

and a whole society should perish in the name of an alleged national


The Yugoslav authorities should take into serious consideration the

latest initiatives of the foreign ministers of the G7 countries and

Russia. Extreme positions and radicalisation of the conflict will only

lead to more suffering. It is high time that from the vantage of

political realism and wisdom solutions be found which would make

possible a European future for Yugoslav society and its peoples. That is

Serbia's only national interest.

Association of Citizens for Democracy, Social Justice and Support to

Trade Unions

United Branch Trade Unions NEZAVISNOST

European Movement in Serbia

Civic Initiatives

Forum for Ethnic Relations

Center for Transition to Democracy-ToD

Center for Democracy and Free Elections

Distrikt 0230 (Kikinda)

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

Women in Black

Belgrade Center for Human Rights

Students Union of Serbia

VIN-Weekly Video News

Group 484

Yu Lawyers Committee for Human Rights

Foundation for Peace and Crisis Management

Urban Inn (Novi Pazar)

Belgrade Circle

Union for Truth about Antifascist Resistance

Sombor's Peace Group (Sombor)

Society for Peace and Tolerance (Backa Palanka)

Alternative Academic Educational Network

In Belgrade,

May 10, 1999.