NATO intervention in Yugoslavia is increasingly gaining a dimension of retaliation. The number of civilian casualties rises every day. The destruction of economic sites has long term dramatic consequences for civilian population and puts cities, country and the entire region under serious danger.

The bombing of the chemical plant in Pancevo, near Belgrade, has already caused severe ecological damage and seriously threatens to turn into an ecological disaster. In the last fire that broke out in the refinery and factory producing artificial fertilizers, only the favorable direction of the wind prevented the whole city and all its inhabitants from suffering much more serious ecological and health problems.

In the last few days, chemical plants in Novi Sad and Belgrade have been bombed. Their destruction could lead to the tragedy exceeding the one in Bhopal, India.

Stop the brutal and senseless bombing.

Those who are making the decisions must be aware of the effects of their actions. No subsequent apologies, or calling upon "collateral damage" could justify this action, the consequences of which could lead to the permanent destruction of civilian population and their natural environment.

In the name of the people and in the name of Nature we demand that the use of force stops immediately and a solution is found to use negotiations for solving the difficult crisis facing Europe and the world.

In Belgrade, April 19, 1999

n Association of Citizens for Democracy, Social Justice and Support for Trade Unions

Belgrade Circle

Center for Democracy and Free Elections

Center for Transition to Democracy

Civic Initiatives

Distrikt 0230 (Kikinda)

European Movement in Serbia

Forum for Ethnic Relations

Foundation for Peace and Crisis Management

Group 484

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

Students Union of Serbia

Union for Truth About Anti-Fascist Resistance

Urban In (Novi Pazar)

VIN: Weekly Video News

Women in Black

Yugoslavian Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, and

NEZAVISNOST Trade Union Confederation.