Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999

As this easily might be one of my last (if not the last) message, the readers will allow me some pathetic and lot of emotion. I am not war reporter, I am not (thanks to Almighty) a soldier.

I am a person who sacrificed the part of his carrier in telecommunications, spoiled private life, cut off some pleasures and hobbies, just to be "peace activist".

I am not proud at all on my past, but I have many years experiences in telecommunications, and also in international affairs. Even I have some military education (long time ago, in former JNA, before the tragic

Balkan wars).

So I take the right to tell you something very seriously.

When somebody, few days ago, told me that she/he found somewhere that "Clinton made remark that they (Americans) will return Serbs into the 14th century" my first reaction was:

Alas, another Serbian propaganda trick, typical animosity towards Americans.

Later on, I found on the Internet "the letter" of a person from Royal Marines (imagine "Royal", but stupid) who put in rude English that "they (Ii suppose Royal..) will put Serbs back in the Stone Age

OK, I said to myself, its typical for professional soldiers. And he is not aware that here are living not only "Serbs". Even I am not a "Serb".

NATO made a wreck of the Oil Refinery in Pancevo. Several thousands of workers will be without job, what means 10 000 people without money for living.

The Guardian (Labour newspaper!!!!) wrote:

"Pancevo is the most-bombed settlement in northern Serbia

As residents shelter in cellars by night, they share fury at the West"

Englishmen, I said: Pancevo is in Vojvodina, not "northern Serbia"

Why I do know that Edinburgh is in Scotland and not in England, and they don't know where is Pancevo?

I will not go into details how last night looked for. Terrible explosions, sky white like in the sunshine, rumbling of bombers...

Well, I have to admit that tanks and military vehicles are using petrol.

Although, using the same logics, the entire Vojvodina with fertile fields could be burned out because soldiers are eating bread and bread is made of grain. Even the cows in Slovak village Vojlovica, nr. Pancevo, could be killed -- soldiers are eating cheese as well.

When I learned how many and which radicommunication towers have been destroyed, I went heavily depressed. remember, my profession is telecommunications. Oh, yes many (but not all) of these towers were

transmitting RTS (Yugoslav official broadcasting company, smaller and more naive liar brother of CNN) signals.

But with the money paid for one bomber or 5 Tomahawk missiles, properly placed, we, the people of this sad country will be able to introduce free media, democracy, civil society -- name it.

Of course, I regret deeply the lost of human lifes (train which was struck in Grdelicka klisura was passenger train, not a military transport) .

But I feel sorrow for the elegant antenna towers, modern transmitters, and other equipment. Who will build new infrastructure? NATO tax-payers?

So, I start thinking that maybe rumors on perverted story about sending Serbs back in Middle age have some ground.

This night bombs and missiles smashed totally satellite communication station (precisely "Earth Station Yugoslavia 1") in Ivanjica, central Serbia proper. It was our pride, our ears and connection to Intelsat and

Eutelsat communication systems. For purely "civilian use" of course.

Dozen of technician are "heavily injured" what means, translated from military speech to the normal, that they will die, or already are dead.

Even NATO madmen are not so mad to think that "Milosevic army" is using this intercontinental facilities to communicate with North Korea or Cuba!

The highest amount of traffic on this station was with: USA, Australia and Israel!

NOT with Cuba, Libya, Iraq. Even not with Russia or Belarus.

So definitely, I am assured that the above mentioned member of Royal Marines was drunk when he wrote something what was military classified.

He mast heard from his superiors about the real plan of NATO:

-- NOT to save refugees (there were none or only few Kosovo refugees BEFORE bombing -- read American independent sources)

-- NOT to "destroy military targets" and prevent mobility of "Milosevic's army" by destroying oil depots and refineries;

-- even NOT to frighten people by destroying infrastructure, like hotels on Kopaonik, bridges over Danube and heat plant in the central Belgrade

-- BUT to send "Serbs" into the Stone age.

With "Serbs" (80% of them are not supporting Milosevic) in the Stone Age will be sent Hungarians, Slovaks, Yugoslavs, Gypsies, all population of this sad country.

There will be no telephones, no fax messages, no data communications anymore to and from here.

The Stone age.

Oh, yes, SOME Internet connections are still working. Using round-around links, small satellite stations, and so. But I am expecting that one bomber will destroy these days our small antenna for Internet, and also one Tomahawk to knock on my window to destroy my computer and telephone.

Any of you, dear friends, have some experiences with carrier pigeons?

M., on its way to the Stone Age