D. 23.03.11 fra Jan Viklund <jan@ gandhitoday.org>

Onsdag 23 mars: Välkommen på Middag i Kabul!


Onsdag 23 mars lämnar delar av den internationella

fredsdelegationen Afghanistan, efter en dryg veckas besök.


Onsdag 23 mars kl. 20.30 - 21.30 (svensk tid)

direktsänds avskedsmiddagen & sångframförandet

som Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

 arrangerar till

sina vänners ära.


Dela denna historiska Kväll med dem!

SE direktsändningen:



SAMTALA med dem!


för upplysningar.


Vägra Krig - även i Ditt Sinne!


Make Friends - Not War.



I en affisch-kampanj mot kriget

kommer jättelika porträtt av ungdomarna

i Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

att synasannonstavlorna vid

Times Square, New York, inom kort.



Celebrating Nauroz in Kabul

Pat Kenelly writes from Kabul

Finding Hope in Afghanistan*

By Jake Olzen

Peace is a Dirty Word (?)

by Patrick Kenelly

Pursuing Peace in Afghanistan

by Patrick Kennelly

“One Blue Sky Above Us.”

by Kathy Kelly


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Från: Douglas <dougwmackey@gmail.com>

Datum: tisdag 22 mar 2011 16.22.09 GMT+01:00

Till: Global Day Of Listening <globaldayoflistening@gmail.com>

Ämne: March 23: 5-6pm Kabul Time


Dear Everyone,

Thank you everyone who participated (or was there in spirit!) with the Global Day of Listening (Spring Equinox Edition) for the "I Wish to Live Without Wars" event.  We hope your experience on the call provided you much energy for the work of peace and much desire for continuing to foster relationships of love and listening.


The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers planned a special evening meal tomorrow as they prepare to say goodbye to some of the delegates who have been with them these last few days.   They will pause before dinner to be on a call in order to hear the performance of a special song written for them by Anita from Australia.  We invite you to listen in Wednesday, March 23rd from 5 to 6 p.m. Kabul time (8:30 am eastern time.)

Join the 'Day After Listening' by calling:
661-673-8600 (access code 295191#) to share your name and greeting; then you may prefer to listen on livestream.

Have you seen: Afghan "talk of peace" must walk:

Wear your blue scarf.

In anticipation and appreciation,

The Global Day Team



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