D. 17.03.11 Eva Quistorp <equistorp@vaol.com>

Spring and easter action for nuclear free futures world wide-

please put it on your website and mail it to women peace and human right networks you work with,thanks Eva

17/18-21.march -springtime -2011:
for  a european and global campaign against nuclear energy and weapons now!!

let us join hands for a nuclear free future
 and solar energies
let us show solidarity between the people at Easter week- end 2011
spring time,when the flowers come again hopefully

let us stand together to stop nuclear energy and nuclear weapons
in all our cities and villages,
schools, universities,
churches ,temples,mosques and cultural centres !!!

Let us give respect to the victims and children and liquidators of Chernobyl
and of Hiroshima and Fukushima and the earthquakes and Tsumanis
let us give  respect to mother earth and give peace a chance!!

act locally ,think globally

women for peace, children of Chernobyl, women climate alliance
contact Eva Quistorp ,Berlin     equistorp@aol.com





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