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Thage G. Peterson, Sergels torg 15 mars 2008:

Inga Jas-plan eller svenska trupper till Afghanistan!




Abdul Ghaffar "Badshah" Khan (1890-1988):



Badshah Khan - islams Gandhi:



"Frontier Gandhi" brings Pashtun peace icon to life

(Reuters, Feb 3, 2010)



"Just a dream"

by Mariam Jaan



What would Bacha say if he were still alive today

I'm sure his heart would be filled with dismay


For our miserable state we have only ourselves to blame

After all these years we Pashtuns are still the same


Instead of taking care of each other and finally uniting

we ignore our poor Pashtuns and keep on fighting


Such great things Pashtuns could have achieved as a team

But it seems to me that will always remain just a dream


For our sake, I hope and pray to God all mighty that I am wrong

nothing will make me happier than seeing us united and strong 



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