Afskaffelse af atomvåben – den altoverskyggende terrortrussel bør sættes på dagsordenen.


Obama har en vision om total afskaffelse af atomvåben - den alvorligste terrortrussel - og skærpet af at USA og NATO stadig fastholder retten til som de første at bruge atomvåben. Vi må spørge kandidaterne til EU-parlamentet hvordan de har det med denne Avåbenpolitik  i EU?


Obama har taget konkrete skridt til at sætte nedrustning af atomvåben på den sikkerhedspolitiske dagsorden , så vi må tro på at han mener det og støtte det.


Men som Jan Øberg skriver nedenfor så har medierne i mange år ikke set vennernes inkl. Israels A-våben som et problem og derfor heller ikke hidtil  interesseret sig for  perspektiverne i Obamas vision og sat atomafrustning  på dagsordenen.

(OG det gælder vist også vores meget svage fredsbevægelse?)


 Dog har Jørgen Dragssdahl behandlet atomvåbennedrustningsperspektiverne i hhv Information  og  DRs p1 orientering som en hæderlig undtagelse her i Danmark jf også Dragsdahl egen hjemmeside  som kan anbefales herom. og så er det på dansk.


Og her giver fredsforsker Jan Øbeg (også)  medierne en håndsrækning til at komme igang:


Fra  T F F PeaceBrowser <>

May 8, 2009

Lund, Sweden


It simply isn't right. It threatens humankind. It militates against pluralism, and the idea of public service.


The only thing your mainstream media are likely to tell you about nuclear weapons is related to, say, North Korea and Iran, i.e to the risk of proliferation to "irreponsible" states.


The very existence of nuclear weapons, nuclear possession, is not an issue. Mainstream media almost never highlight the terrorist nature of the weapons in the arsenals of the United States, Russia, France, Britain, China, and Israel or the theory of 'balance of terror' that holds all of humankind as hostages to total destruction - a clear indication that nuclear states are terrorist states.


Oh my, who'd dare say that in the media!?


They never tell you that if a serious accident involving nuclear happens, the consequences could be million-fold worse than even the worst terrorist attack. They invariably forget to tell you about such accidents or put them at the bottom of page 63.


Compared with 20 years ago, there are much fewer media people today who have even a basic knowledge, let alone any intellectual understanding, of these weapons, deterrence doctrines and strategies, their technical aspects, radioactivity and ethics. Neither do get the obvious idea to ask how many billions of dollars the world is wasting on these weapons in times of crisis.


They don't tell you, in other words, what it means to live in the nuclear age - that there is no country who ever asked their people whether they want to be "defended" by nuclear weapons. No wonder - people say no to being hostages to terorism.


They don't even raise the issue about democracy , terrorism and nuclear weapons or whether leaders of the Western world are that much morally superior and mentally healthy than other leaders.


Young people no longer learn about the existence of nuclear weapons or about nuclearism - the belief that these weapons are rational tools in the arsenals of security and democracy. They - like many other citizens - don't know that we could all be gone in a few hours.


Indeed Albert Einstein was right when he stated that "The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe."


Few listened then. Fewer now. It simply isn't right. It threatens humankind. And somebody is responsible for this sorry state of information and the absence of debate. Some elites do not want you and me to be concerned, let alone know the mad facts.


We can either wake up - if we can - when the nuclear weapons are again used or we can take action now.


TFF and its Associates are among the few institutions that persistently take serious the human duty to inform about the madness of nuclearism in the hope that we'll abolish nuclear weapons - like we have absolute monarchy, slavery, child labour, cannibalism. N


Nuclearism is fundamentally incompatible with any definition of democracy, freedom, humanity and civilization. Nuclearism holds 6,3 billion people worldwide hostages. It is time we make up the account with the real terrorists.


Knowledge and dialogue will be important, and so will non-violent confrontation with the nuclear terrorists, not those who don't even have these weapons.


For the knowledge dimension, begin here:



Farhang Jahanpour, May 8, 2009

What future for nuclear weapons?



Farhang Jahanpour on YouTube

The necessity of global nuclear disarmament



David Krieger

The 100-Day Nuclear Disarmament Agenda

President Obama scores high



David Krieger

The Sunflower - from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

The monthly e-newsletter providing educational information on nuclear weapons abolition and other issues relating to global security - one of the most trustworthy, clear-sighted and persistent efforts to create a saner world.



Gunnar Westberg

North Korea?The United States and Russia are greater global threats



Gunnar Westberg

Vad bråkar Nordkorea om?



David Krieger

President Obama's call for a world free of nuclear weapons

A perspective on his speech in Prague.



Jonathan Power

Can Obama do better than Reagan on nuclear arms control?

A fifty percent reduction in the nuclear weapons' arsenal of Russia and the U.S. was proposed by President Obama this past weekend. President Medvedev seems to be receptive. What neither have mentioned is that we have been here 1986.



Gunnar Westberg

Learn About Nuclear Weapons

Westberg recommends " Learn About Nuclear Weapons" a brand new education-site produced by the Swedish Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.



Hans von Sponeck

The United Nations and NATO:

Which security for and for whom?



Jan Oberg

A 10 min. argument for nuclear abolition

About mega-terrorism, how the Ballistic Missile Defence really works and what is needed to get rid of nuclearism.



Jan Oberg

The collision of a French and a British nuclear submarine in the Atlantic in early February 9 and the inadequate media coverage



And the most illuminating international opinion poll on nuclear weapons:

World Public

Publics around the word favour international agreement to eliminate all nuclear weapons



TFF Board

Secret UN-NATO Cooperation Declaration

The TFF Board statement with 9 questions that express our deep concern about this document and its implications for the future of the UN.



Her på dansk



Gunnar Westberg, Newsmill

Hemlig samarbetsavtal mellan FN och NATO äventyrar FN:s självständighet



Gunnar Westberg

Hör nu på!

Hör nu på go¹vänner så skall jag för er berätta hur man avskaffar alla världens

kärnvapen före år 2020!



Gunnar Westberg

Kärnvapnen - Hoppet och hoten




Kind regards


Jan Oberg




- for peace with passion



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