Nyt netværk: USA ud af Somalia


D. 25.01.07 fra Jørgen Randløv Madsen jrm@vestnet.dk


Der har vaeret gang i den paa Verdens Sociale Forum.
Daglige demonstrationer og til sidst oprettelsen af et internationalt 
netvaerk "USA out of Somalia"
Her er den indledningshilsen som er sendt ud i dag:
More than 100 yesterday signed on the list. With each of you having a 
good number of further contacts this network can within days reach a 
size to have a global impact.
Therefore you should forward this message or the content to all your 
relevant contacts as soon as possible, knowing from previous 
occupations that time just after is extremely important.
The basis for the network is presently the text on the leaflets for 
the ”USA out of Somalia” daily demonstrations at World Social Forum 
(WSF2007) and the proposal from Somali Social Forum (which include all 
the Somali organisations at WSF2007), Stop the War Coalition and STS 
International Solidarity. The proposal from the 3 organisations where 
well received and goes into the final documents of WSF2007.
Text of Leaflet:
One month ago USA opened the third front in the so called war on 
terror. Ethiopian soldiers were the frontrunners but his masters voice 
was directly heard when bombs fell heavily over
southern Somalia. As seen before civilians suffers the most, also since 
Kenya in contradiction to international law closed the border for 
The Ethiopian invasion, that do not have a popular backing at home have 
opened up for warlords regaining power both individually and as part of 
the transitional government. 
The WSF should demand the foreign troops of invasion out of Somalia, 
not to open up for warlords again but for the Somali people to really 
decide on their own future.
The WSF should be a start for campaigning globally to this end.
Text of proposal:
That all relevant groups and organisations demand the foreign troops of 
invasion out of Somalia, This should not to open up for warlords again 
but for the Somali people to really decide on their own future with out 
foreign intervention.
Everybody can enter an informal network by contacting one of the 
proposing organisations. This can assure that the international 
solidarity is in line with the striving for peace and self-centred 
development in Somalia.
The mailing list is as you see disclosed but anyone can tell us to make 
their email address open so that anyone from the list can contact you. 
All messages concerning the mailing list goes to jrm@vestnet.dk whereas 
mail to the initiating organisations goes as follows: 
Somali Social Forum , sosf@socda.org 
Stop the War Coalition, www.stopwar.org.uk , att Weyman 
STS International Solidarity , www.intersol.dk / www.stssomalia.com , 
Jorgen Randlov Madsen




Fra Jørgen Randløv Madsen <jrm@vestnet.dk>


                                      UOS mail2 2007-01-25


USA Oou of Somalia Mail two – what to do

Here are some suggestions on what you can do to contribute to the

efficiency of the network

a)                   remember to expand the network by including others

b)                   contact press. You can use the 2 attached pictures from the

demo Tuesday

c)                   put something on your homepage

d)                   put pressure on authorities

e)                   get more information, read analyses

f)                    prepare for actions

g)                   forward good ideas to the network



Please note that the sosf@socda.org do not function at the moment. For

the next days use instead jama@socda.org.



Jorgen Randlov Madsen



(videresendt og lagt 2 fotos af Somalia Social Forums demonstration på World Social Forum  i Nairobi imod USA militære angreb på Somalia på