International Human Rights March for Women in Israel and Palestine



Date: January 6,2004

From: International Human Rights March for Women


Women participating in the International Human Rights March for Women in Israel and Palestine are outraged  by the destruction presently occuring in Nablus. On Wednesday, January 7, we intend to take our march to our  embassies  in Tel Aviv. We will present  a letter to our ambassadors calling on our governments to demand the Israeli government  immediately end it’s military action in Nablus; to expedite the delivery of urgently needed food and medical supplies and to call on the United Nations to deploy an International peace keeping force to secure the safety of the civilian population on both sides and demand implementation of U.N  Resolutions.



The International Human Rights March for Women consists of more than 75 women from 15 countries. Since December 20 we have been walking throughout Israel and Palestine  to stand in solidarity with the  peacemakers on both sides of this terrible conflict. We have become aware of numerous human rights violations throughout our journey including killings, home demolitions, the construction of the Separation Wall, denial of freedom of movement and confiscation of land. We conclude that this continued cyclical violation of human rights makes true security for both Israelis and Palestinians impossible and urge the introduction of an international force to end the occupation of Palestinian land and thus lead to a truly just and lasting  peace.


For further information contact:

Ridgely Fuller, USA:  067 278 105

Lori Mundal, Norway / USA:  068 452 543

Jasminika Dolfi, Denmark: 068 638429 or 066 267639

Torill Eide, Norway: 066 267 637



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