Kære Fredsvenner.


 Ulla Røder i retten d. 22. september for sit forsøg på at råbe de politikere op inden de startede deres krig, som nu har vist sig at bygge på løgn og bedrag overfor deres befolkninger.


En retssag mod Ulla Røder giver en enestående lejlighed til at få sat fokus på vore regeringers hykleri.


Støt Ulla Røders sag - hvem kan tage over til retssagen?


og glem ikke hendes fortsatte kamp mod stjernekrigsprojektet, som det danske folketing og regering er ved at sige ja til at bruge Thulebasen til


- og læs tidligere omtale af sagen på www.arnehansen.net

Bl.a. http://www.arnehansen.net/030312Roder-nedrustet-fly.htm




Desuden kan man høre Ulla Røders begrundelse for sin stjernefredslejr på http://www.arnehansen.net/020724UllaRoder-stjernefredslejr.htm


Med ikkevoldelig hilsen

Arne Hansen, Aldrig Mere krig, som også har Ulla Røder som medlem


(Modtaget mail:)


To: Free Ulla Campaign <freeulla@hotmail.com>

Subject: [Free Ulla Campaign] Update

From: Free Ulla Campaign <freeulla@hotmail.com>

Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 20:36:48 +0100




Some of the information below went out on the Free Ulla website and Trident

Ploughshares list, but due to complications with sending out some emails,

we apologise that not everyone received this information as it happened.


When Ulla was released from prison on the 8th August it was a surprise to

all. It was brilliant that Ulla was able to visit other activists at the

Trident Ploughshares Coulport Camp and Faslane Peace Camp. Ulla is in good

spirits and working hard on her court case.


Below is also a request for donations to the campaign so that Ulla can have

a fair trial. Ulla sends many thanks to those who have already sent a

donation, and to all who have sent her encouraging messages of support.


Ulla's trial is now due to start on the 22nd September and all are welcome

to come along and support. There is another pre-trial hearing on the 9th

September. Please visit the Free Ulla website or phone 01592 891786 to

check for any further news or changes of her court date, and we will of

course do our best to let you know by email.


Much thanks for your support.


In peace,


On behalf of the "Keep Ulla Free" team









Trident Ploughshares activist, Ulla Roder, was released from prison last

night after the Procurator Fiscal was denied an extension on Ulla's remand

period, at Edinburgh High Court. This was due to a legal technicality.


Ulla Roder has been on remand since 10th March, when she was arrested after

disarming a Tornado jet, preventing its use in the war against Iraq.


Free Ulla Campaigner, Joss Garman, explained, "Ulla has been overwhelmed

with support whilst in prison. However, Ulla's case continues, and we look

forward to proving her innocence."


The next pre-trial review for Ulla will be on Tuesday 12th at Kirkcaldy

Sheriff Court in Fife.







The trial of Ulla Roder has now been set to begin on 22nd September at

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

A pre-trial hearing has been set for 9th September.




On March 11th 2003, well known peace campaigner and grandmother, Ulla

Roder, was arrested after completely disarming a Tornado warplane at RAF

Leuchars, Fife, Scotland. The Tornado was bound for the Gulf, but by

disarming the plane, Ulla prevented it's use against the Iraqi people in

the recent illegal and immoral war. If found guilty, Ulla could face a very

long time in prison. Her trial is due to start on the 22th of September at

Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court, Fife, Scotland.


By peacefully and non-violently disarming the warplane without a threat to

herself or anyone else, Ulla acted to uphold international law and to

prevent UK/US genocide against the Iraqi people who have suffered so much

over the past decade from United Nations sanctions. After her action Ulla

calmly waited for the police to arrive and was kept on remand for 5 months.

On 8th August, Ulla was released without bail conditions by Edinburgh High

Court, after a legal complication and is now awaiting trial.


We are writing to ask for a donation to help Ulla's defence. Money is

urgently required to give Ulla a fair chance in court. We need it to pay

for expert witnesses from England and abroad. We need money to pay for

their accommodation and transport. As time goes on Ulla's defence and

campaign expenses are rising rapidly.


Please make cheques payable to 'Trident Ploughshares' and send to the

campaign address at Free Ulla, 72 High Street, Kinghorn, Fife. KY3 9UE



Or make a transfer to DK33 53 94 40 674 093 (for Danish Crown) or BE94 0012

0551 7414 (for Euro)

Any size of contribution would be very much appreciated!


We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your support,


On behalf of Ulla Roder

The "Keep Ulla Free" team