On June 13th 2002 the US and Russia scrapped the ABMT. This overcomes the

Biggest obstacle in the way of the US building their "Star Wars" system. Work is

already underway at Fort Greely, Alaska and Thule, Greenland. To use the base

at Fylingdales for "Star Wars" the US would need to ask permission. If asked Tony

Blair must say "no". It is no defence for us, we can't afford it and it would make 

                    North Yorkshire a target for enemies of the US.

   There is now a peace camp. See Website map. New campers badly needed!

 If we can stop the use of Fylingdales.WE CAN STOP STAR WARS!

      Write to Tony Blair MP, Lawrie Quinn MP (S'bro), your local MP at

                       House of Commons, London W11AA.

     For more info on "Star Wars", Fylingdales Star Peace Camp

                        and demonstrations contact

      FFN: Tel:(01287 660067), E-Mail: neil_bye@hotmail.com