Ullas Røders tak til alle …

der har støttet kampen mod atomvåbenoprustningen

og kampen for fredsaktivisters demokratiske rettigheder og mod deportation


Dear Friends,

Thanks is only a poor word, but I say it from my heart

Thanks for not giving up protests

Thanks for not losing hope

Thanks for blockading Faslane, Coulport, Aldermaston

Thanks for being there when most needed

Thanks for writing letters

Thanks for giving your time when most busy

Thanks for contacting authorities, press

Thanks for sitting in firesmoke, rain and midges, campaigning

Thanks for taking actions to stop Star Wars, and to ban wars in the world

Thanks for e-mailing, phoning, faxes

Thanks for all practical support, fundraising transport

Thanks for endless meetings, leafleting, filming

Thanks for training

Thanks for standing firm on nuclear disarmament

Thanks for having strong faith and compassion

Thanks for being understanding in times of crisis

Thanks for flowers and encouraging letters

Thanks for going to Palestine and everywhere where help is needed

Thanks for keeping my spirit high and peaceful

Thanks for a guardian angel in court

Thanks for breaking the waves

Thanks for creating peace and for being my friends


I am happy to know that, "with a little help from my friends", we can all

celebrate hope and disarm Trident.


In peace with lots of love and solidarity your friend



From: Trident Ploughshares <davidmc@enterprise.net>

Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 08:55:58 +0100


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