Send protester over Israelske angreb på den palæstinensiske befolkning

 til Danmarks ambassade i Israel, ambassadør Kofoed-Hansen   tlf    03-544-2144/5, 03-546-5502


Messages of protest against Israel's massive attack on the Palestinian population.




Subject: Call Foreign Embassies

From: "bat shalom" <>

Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 08:19:48 +0200




During these days of crisis, many people have expressed the desire to follow

up on Bat Shalom's outreach to the foreign embassies and consulates with

messages of protest against Israel's massive attack on the Palestinian

population.  There is an initiative to swamp them with telephone

calls and faxes (see the numbers

below, ask to talk with the political attache)!  Formulate your own message.

A sample message follows.


Harriet Lewis

Susi Mordecahy




As an Israeli/American/French/etc. citizen, I am appalled at the

Israeli government's violent

assault against the Palestinian people and their leadership. It is clear

that this policy will only lead to more bloodshed and horrendous destruction

- and less security for Israelis and Palestinians alike. We urgently call

upon your government to exert the utmost pressure on the Israeli government

in order to stop the killing, and prevent a humantiarian disaster.  Israel

should withdraw immediately from the Palestinian territories.



Country                               Ambassador              phone                                             fax

Australia                              Mr.  Rigby                            03-695-0451


Austria                                 Mr. Wolfgang Paul               03-612-0924 03-751-0716

Belgium                                Mr.  Wilfred Geens              03-613-8130 03-613-8160

Canada                                Mr. Micael  Bell                   03-636-3300 03-636-3380

China                                   Mr. Pan Zhanlin                   03-546-7277 03-546-7251


Denmark                              Mr. Kofoed-Hansen       03-544-2144/5   03-546-5502

Egypt                                   Mr. Bassioun  03-546-4151/2                    03-544-1615

Finland                                 Mr. Patokallio                      03-744-0303 03-744-0314

France                                 Mr. Huntzinger                     03-524-5371/2                    03-524-9294


Germany                               Mr. Dressler  03-693-1313 03-696-9217


G Britain                              Mr. Cowper-Coles              03-725-1244

                                            Mr. Cornish (Consul)           02-532-5629 02-671-7724

Greece                                 Mr. Mitsialis   03-605-5461

India                                    Mr. Matai                            03-510-1431/2                    03-510-1434

Ireland                                 Mr. Scannel   03-696-4166 03-696-4160

Italy                                     Mr. Cavarai   03-696-4223/4                    03-609-5068

Japan                                   Mr. Shegeta   03-695-7292/3                    03-691-0516

Jordan                                 Mr. Al-Kurdi 03-751-7722 03-751-7712

Netherlands    Mr. Froger                           03-695-7377/8                    03-695-7370


Norway                               Mr. Saether    03-744-1490 03-744-1498

Prtugal                                 Mr. Corree                          03-695-6361 03-695-6366


Romania                               Mr. Stoica                           03-523-0066 03-524-7379

Russia                                  Mr. Bogdanov                     03-522-6736/44                  03-522-6713


South Africa   Mr. Marx                             03-525-2566 03-525-7763

Spain                                   Mr. Portoles   03-696-5210/9                    03-696-5217


Sweden                               Mr. Liden                            03-695-8111 03-695-8116

Switzerland    Mr. Iten                               03-546-4455 03-546-4408

Turkey                                 Mr. Uzumcu   03-524-1101 03-524-1390

                                                                                       03-524-1201 03-524-0499

USA                                    Mr. Kurtzer    03-519-7575 03-517-3227


European       Mr. Chevallard                                           03-613-7799 03-613-7770



The Vatican                                                                     02-628-2298 02-628-1880

Delegation                                                                            628-8630





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