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WoMenwith Hill Women's Peace Camp(aign] (scannet udg.)


Philip L Hill,

Defence Estates' Agency Secretariat,

Blakemore Drive,

Sutton Coldfield,

West Midlands. B75 7RL


8, Somerville Terrace,


East Busk Lane, Otley.


LS21 1HS       


Saturday 23rd February2002


Your ref: D/DE(AS)5/2/01/0266U

Our ref: BTCOFM/com0007/FY310102

Dear Sir,


'RAF' Fylingdales and 'RAF' Menwith Hill: unauthorised works to upgrade security:


I am in receipt of your reply of 20th February.


The comments I should like to make derive from the statements in your third paragraph:


Quote: "The measures to improve security of the base followed the incursion at RAF Menwith Hlil in July last year and the increased threat of public protest activity..."


The "incursion at RAF Menwith Hill in July last year" was an anti-Star Wars protest by Greenpeace publicising the projected role of the base for the USA's Missile Defense System. Components of that system have already been installed at Menwith Hill.


It is evident that "...the increased threat of public protest activity..." would not exist if the bases at Fylingdales and Menwith Hill were NOT designated for Star Wars.


The considerable expenditure on [laughably useless] "upgrading of security" at both bases is justifiable only if they ARE designated for StarWars. In addition to the installations about which I complained; i.e. new razor wire fences; the new inner patrol road; anti-vehicle trench and control post at the access road entrance, there is a large increase in MoD Police numbers, some of whom are armed with sub-machine guns; dogs; vehicles and electronic systems such as CCTV cameras.


The 'investment' [by the USA Government?] would not have been made if there is any possibility that the bases may not be used for Star Wars.


I am currently preparing a report and photographic compilation of the installations at 'RAF' Menwith Hill for which no Notice of Proposed Development has been submitted, contrary to the requirements of DoE Circular 18/84. Specifically these include new razor wire fences; CCTV cameras; sentry boxes and antivehicle measures such as rubbish-dumping.


I wish to submit an objection on grounds of environmental detriment and adverse visual impact at the border of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. [Merwith Hill Station should have been included in the AONB, but was considered to be too ugly].


My democratic right to make a representation has been denied, in contravention of the law.


Who is responsible for oversight at 'RAF' Menwith Hill?

                                                              Yours sincerely,


                                                            Anne Lee & pp WoMenwith Hill

cc: Alice Mahon MP; Geoff Hoon, Secretary of State for Defence; Dr Lewis Moonie, Under-Secretary of

State for Defence; Defence Estates North; Head of Planning, Harrogate Borough Council; Menwith Hill

Forum; Yorkshire CND.





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 Ms  Lee

8 Somerville Terrace

East Busk Lane


LS21 1HS


Your Ref


Our Ref

D/D E(AS )5/2/01/02/66U


20 February 2002


Dear Ms Lee




Thank you for your letter of 31 January addressed to MOD Land Agent, Defence Lands Services North about works to upgrade security at RAF Fylingdales. I have been asked to reply.


Firstly, I must apologise that in carrying out a number of urgent measures to improve the security of RAF Fylingdales, the need to follow proper planning procedures was unintentionally overlooked.


The measures to improve the security of the base followed the incursion at RAF Menwith Hill in July last year and the increased threat of public protest activity, and the events of 11 September. The measures are not in any way preparatory to a missile defence-role for RAF Fylingdales. It remains the case that we have received no ,request' from the US for the use of facilities in the UK for missile defence purposes, and nor have we indicated how we would respond to any such request.


As soon as my Department recognised that an oversight had occurred, officials contacted North York Moors National Park Authority to explain the position. The subject was also discussed with representatives of the Council for National Parks at a meeting on 6 February.


Work has currently ceased and will not restart until a retrospective Notice of Proposed Development and an appropriate environmental assessment have been submitted and agreed by the Park Authority. You will be pleased to know that officials are currently working closely with the local planning authority, and every effort is being made to rectify the matter in line with their wishes and those of environmental agencies.


My Department takes its responsibility for environmental issues seriously, and if no objections are offered to the security improvements, every effort will be made to ensure that the completion of the works will not irredeemably affect the area. The failure to follow correct planning procedures is regrettable and I can assure you that steps have been taken to ensure this does not occur again.


US of S for Defence (Dr Lewis Moonie MP) received a copy of your letter via Alice Mahon MP.

He will replay seperately and send her a copy of this letter


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   Subj:      Fylingdales:Alice

   Date:     22/02/0217:36:30 GMT Standard Time

   From:     FlossieMiniDa~

   To:         El~ossieMintbalIs


WoMenwith Hill Women's Peace Camp~aign]


8, Somerville Terrace,

East Busk Lane,




LS21 1HS


Friday 22nd February 2002


Dear Alice,


Re: Fylingdales: unauthorised security upgrade:


I have received a reply from Defence Estates' Agency Secretariat to my letter of complaint of January 31 st. I am informed that Dr Lewis Moonie is sending you a copy.


The point I would like to raise from the DE reply concerns the admissions in the third paragraph. I think they reveal that these security measures ARE 'preparatory to a missile defence-role for Fylingdales':


The 'incursion at Menwith Hill in July last year' was the internationally publicised Greenpeace 'invasion'. This was an anti-Star Wars protest.


The 'increased threat of public protest activity' is precisely because Menwith Hill and Fylingdales are earmarked as Star Wars bases and after it is publicly acknowledged by the UK Government, then the protests will increase. Preparations for the peace movement's anticipated response to such an announcement are having to be made beforehand.


The considerable expenditure by the US Government [?] on the upgrade of security at the two bases to counter the anticipated protests, is evidence that their use for US Missile Defense is a fait accompli. Otherwise the expense is not justified. These measures include a large increase in MoD Police personnel, many armed with submachine guns; police vehicles; dogs; investment in electronic security systems such as more CCTV cameras; in addition to the physical measures about which I complained; i.e. new fences, anti-vehicle trench, patrol road, control post. At Menwith Hill the MoD Police are paid for by the US Government, but I am not sure of the arrangements at Fylingdales, which is run for the USA by the RAF.


Most of the increased security measures at Menwith Hill were implemented as a result of Geoff Hoon's visit to the base on July 5th, immediately after the Greenpeace anti-Star Wars action. 'The events of September 11', recognising that the bases are potential targets for 'terrorists', has been conveniently used as an additional justitcation since that date.


I am in the process of preparing a complaint about unauthorised upgrade of security at Menwith Hill. Notice of Proposed Development for some of the physical measures implemented has not been submitted to the local authority.


I believe that Geoff Hoon and Lewis Moonie should be asked at which bases upgrading of security was implemented following the Greenpeace action. I know of only the two 'designated' Star Wars bases. I am not aware that similar security measures have been introduced at other UK or USA bases.


                                  :~ r eDruary ~uu ~ AUL: r 1ossleTv~mDalls