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Press Release: 17th November 2001


Campaigners Close Downing Street to "Secure Terrorist Suspects"


Today fifty Trident Ploughshares campaigners closed down Downing

Street for an hour in order to draw attention to their claim that the deployment

Of Trident nuclear missiles means that UK government leaders are

Terrorist suspects.


At 5 p.m. this afternoon the campaigners handed in a letter for Prime

Minister Tony Blair. They then locked themselves with padlocks and

Chains to the gate that protects the street. One activist, Dave

Rolstone(54),a boatbuilder from Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland, climbed up the gate

And perched on one of the ornamental lamp-posts. The banner hung on the

Gateway read: "CLOSED. Nuclear Terrorists Under Investigation. UK's Trident

Missiles Could Kill Millions."


When police cut through most of the locks and chains the activists sat

Down against the gate and it was an hour before they were dragged or led


There were no arrests.


The letter says:

"Your present "war on terrorism" has yet again highlighted to us and

to the campaign, the terrorism which is implicit in our very possession of

nuclear weapons. How can you argue that one Trident warhead of 100 kilotons

can be used without killing thousands and terrorising thousands more? . . .

We ask that the UK practises the same civilised values that we expect from

Other countries in the world."


Trident Ploughshares member David Mackenzie said: "The Prime Minister

Who talks about the sanctity of human life is the same Prime Minister who

Has said he is willing to press the Trident button and let loose an

Unspeakable terror on millions of innocent people. We are determined to go on

Exposing the failure of the UK to practise what it so loudly preaches."



The Downing Street demonstration is part of a long weekend of action

In London by the Trident Ploughshares campaign which is committed to

nonviolent, open and accountable direct action against the Trident

nuclear weapon system.



*Full Text of Letter available

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