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Dear friend,


We are at a decisive moment - either the world will be plunged into more

violence and hate, or we use this tragedy to stop the infernal cycle of

violence and start working for true peace.  


The way President Bush reacts, will have a profound impact on the way

we all live together on this world. Now is the time for us to turn from

spectators to participants.  


If you share this desire for peace, please help to make it visible: 

- please sign the open letter, and pass it on  

- please wear some white cloth around your arm, tie it around trees, your

bicycle, .. as a visible  request to President Bush not to react militarily  

- ....  


In looking at the terrible results to which hate can lead, perhaps we

should also reflect on our own attitudes and the ways in which we

ourselves add to a cycle of violence in our daily lives - and change that.. 




Open letter to President G.W. Bush regarding the heinous

attacks on New York and Washington    



Dear Mr. President,    


Deeply shocked and saddened by the senseless carnage which

has befallen your nation, we share the grief of the relatives and

friends of the victims of these terrorist attacks and ask you to

convey them our heart- felt condolences.    

Words fail, we cannot comprehend  .. No ideological, political

or religious motive could ever justify murdering innocent civilians.

Those that are guilty of this barbaric act must be caught and

brought to trial.    


You, as President of the nation, now face the unenviable

question of how to react to this tragedy.     


Because your reaction will also affect our future, and the way we

all live together on this world, we ask you to consider the



Faced with what you and your citizens have just gone through, a

desire to retaliate and hit back in kind would be only human -

but would it be wise


Answering violence with violence, can only lead to more

violence. Never to peace.    

Looking in the past, we see that there is no military ‘answer’ to

terrorism .. that this only lays the foundation for more hate. The

only way to really reduce the threat terrorists pose, is to take

away the causes upon which they feed. The fight against

terrorism should be one against the causes of injustice. We

therefore ask you to take the lead in this fight and make a

priority of achieving a just world order, which includes fair trade

and equality of dignity among men.    


We believe that instead of military assistance, your Nato-

partners – and indeed all other countries – would help you more

by assisting with your legal investigation and  with extraditions.

Strengthening, not breaking, the international legal order will

provide better protection for everyone against the terrorist threat

and wanton violence.    


In your address to the American people, you quoted from Psalm

23. In another passage, the Bible also warns us that if we sow

the wind, we will reap the whirlwind. Mister President, has not

the truth of this principle been cruelly demonstrated today?

Surely the fact that the suspect named by your government, Mr.

Bin Laden and his network, was first established, armed and

trained by American secret services (at that time to fight the

Soviets in Afghanistan), is deeply disturbing to you too. We ask

you, and indeed all governments, to urgently forbid all secret

services from arming, giving military training to, or financing

groups. Violence spirals out, and gets bigger.    


You have spoken of America leading the world to justice and

peace. It could indeed be possible! With the amount the US

spends every 92 days on military expenditure, we could ensure a

decent human life for every person on this planet for one full

year. It would pay for the costs of food, shelter, safe water,

literacy, and health care for all in need.  Mister President,

wouldn’t the world be a much safer place if none of our fellow

human beings lived in misery?   Conversely, will increasing the

money for military spending really be able to protect your people

more effectively than now?     

America spends more on defence than the next fifteen nations

combined. 6 Times more than Russia, the second largest

spender. And more than 23 times more than the combined

spending of the seven countries you identify as your most likely

adversaries. Adding Russia and China to these 7, they together

reach one-third of  your military budget. The US now has more

than one-third of global military spending. Who are you in an

arms race with?    

America also exports more than half of all the arms exported

worldwide. These weapons are used to kill and maim tens of

thousands of men, women and children –each year.     


We are truly one humanity, all interconnected. And morality is

universal, or it is not. If we tolerate that human lives are

worthless anywhere on this earth, we put everyone at risk. It

does not work to claim special protection and exemption for

some parts only.     


Justice too is indivisible. There cannot be justice for one, and not

for another. We have no room for double standards. Either the

same rule of law – also internationally – applies to all, or it

works for no one. And choosing the rule of force means

insecurity for everyone.    


The blind and horrific violence and scale of these attacks

borders on the unbearable. Our human minds can nearly not

take it in. Tony Blair has said they are     “perpetuated by

fanatics who are utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life”.

Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt called it “an

unspeakable act of barbarism   which discredits human nature”.   


Can you imagine what they would say about anyone firing a

nuclear warhead on a city? With not thousands, but hundreds of

thousands of people dead and devastation untold..  Were it to

happen again, truly it would be the end of civilisation.. We urge

you, and all other governments with nuclear weapons under their

control or on their soil, to immediately decommission the nuclear

warheads and eliminate them as fast as possible.    


Mister President, is this in reality not a time to repent? To repent

of all violence ? An opportunity for America to live up to the true

meaning of her creed – “in God we trust” – and not rely on her

weapons ? A time to show the world, and the American people,

a ray of hope where there is now only darkness ?     


Terror, violence and hate must not prevail.    


We look to you.    





1) Koen Moens, Leuven, Belgium  




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endnote 1) 92 days: with US military expenditure $ 300 billion 

(year 2000), cost humane life for all at $ 76 billion. Annual cost

of global programs for solving the major human needs are

documented at:  { HYPERLINK      



endnote 2) The Defense Monitor, Aug. 2001, pg. 4: {   





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