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February 19, 2001 in Washington, D.C. + 202-251-7014

Hagelin Offers Peaceful Solution to Iraqi Crisis

Blasts Bush for Reckless Military Strike

World-renowned physicist and U.S. third-party coalition leader, John Hagelin, today charged President George W. Bush with perpetuating a "flawed and dangerous Iraqi policy that is galvanizing world leaders against the United States," and offered a "proven, peaceful solution to the crisis."

Dr. Hagelin said that ten years after Americas military offensive against Iraq and subsequent hard-line policies, Saddam Hussein remains in power, and enjoys growing sympathy throughout the world.

"President Bushs new offensive reveals a bankruptcy of leadership and ideas in his new administration. We deserve better. We urgently need a new solution that goes beyond the conventional, failed approaches of military and economic pressureone that addresses the underlying cause of tensions in Iraq and rising negativity throughout the world," Dr. Hagelin said.

"Fortunately, extensive scientific research confirms the efficacy of a new approach to reducing societal stress and conflictan approach that takes recourse to a more powerful level of Natural Law than the chemical, biological and nuclear technologies that hold a Damocles sword over mankind.

"Forty-three studies published in leading peer reviewed scientific journals show that by harnessing the Unified Fieldthe deepest level of Natures functioningthrough "technologies of consciousness," societal stress can be alleviated, and a powerful influence of coherence and harmony can be generated throughout society," Dr. Hagelin said.

Dr. Hagelin cited research published in Yale Universitys Journal of Conflict Resolution showing that, during seven consecutive interventions, groups of experts in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi reduced violence and war deaths in the Middle East by more than 70 percent.

Dr. Hagelins solution to the Iraqi crisis includes training a group of 7,000 experts collectively practicing these technologies of consciousness in the U.S. and on every continent to maintain a powerful influence of coherence in collective consciousness during these precarious times.

"In a world torn by regional conflicts," Dr. Hagelin said, "every nation should have a prevention wing in their militarya cadre of troops trained in these true peace-keeping technologies, to prevent the outbreak of conflict.

"A whole generation has passed since former President Bush embarked upon his risky military invasion. And now, a decade later, his son George Jr. is following the same outdated and destructive approach.

"This is not the Stone Age. This is not the age of barbarianism. Its time for government to enter the 21st Centuryto employ the most up-to-date, scientifically proven strategies for resolving conflict and promoting peace.

"There is no reasonable alternative." Dr. Hagelin said. "Bushs current tact will only reap more devastation, loss of life, and humiliation of America in the family of nations."