Stories of victories for peace: For inspiration, encouragement and empowerment

A reader in California who orders 20 copies for family and friends for Christmas, a peace movement leader in Toronto who wishes 35 copies to spread to key people in local chapters, an enthusiastic General Director of UNESCO, professors from universities around the world using it for teaching peace, a democracy activist in Albania reading from it on local radio, a leading foreign affairs journalist saying that it was great reading - and a lot to learn , a Foreign Minister recommending it warmly whenever he can ....

This is the kind of feedback that tells me that "Peace is possible" has become the book I set out to make, in every respect - except one: "peace" was not sexy enough to find a major publisher to distribute the book all around the world. The answer is the Internet.

Most people have a muct too modest vision of peace and accept to live with a deadly risky balancing act where we all the time risk to fall and be consumed by devastating military disasters. I wished to reach the general public with attractive stories of successful efforts for a peace that deserves the name. At the same time the many concrete examples showing that it can be done - and how - would be empowering also for people inside the peace movement. And a good tool for peace education.

"Peace is possible" contains frank, lively, short and readable personal accounts from 32 authors - most of them new articles, written for this book by men and women who were at the center of the action, Dalai Lama, Gorbachev, Jody Williams, Scilla Elworthy, Joseph Rotblat, Daniel Ellsberg, Howard Zinn, Nelson Mandela, Richard Falk, Mordechai Vanunu, Joanna Macy, Howard Zinn S.. Together they offer a wide panorama of the efforts that create hope for a safe and peaceful world order.

"Peace is Possible", just published by the PB with the support of UNESCO, is a great gift to yourself and everyyone concerned with saving this marvellous green planet of ours.

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