Kære venner

Kom til Scotland og se de smukke bjerge, vande og Argyles skove
- og det største atomvåbenarsenal i Europa.
Kom og se djævelskabet i vores bjerge,
og Leviathan der lurer i vores vande.

Her er Coulport, hvor 200 atombomber er oplagret dybt i undergrunden.
Og her er Faslane, basen for Trident, Storbritanniens ulovlige masseødelæggelsesvåben.

Og det er her vi vil lukke basen.
Vores aktion vil blive fredelig, ikke-voldelig og åben
- men basen vil blive lukket.
- Og du er hjertelig velkommen blandt os
- ved denne befriende begivenhed.

En rigtig varm velkomst venter alle de venner, som kan deltage fra udlandet og hjælpe os med den
ca. 50 km fra Glasgow.
Kontakt os for yderligere oplysninger

Ring til The Big Blockade Action Line
0044 141 433 2859
E-mail: Scottish CND: cndscot@dial.pipex.com

Joint Secretary
The Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
15 Barrland St, Glasgow, G41 1QH

Mange hilsener fra


Dear Friends,

Come to Bonnie Scotland and see the beautiful
mountains, waters and forests of Argyle - and the
biggest nuclear arsenal in Europe. Come and see Hell
in our hills, and Leviathan lurking in our waters.

Here is Coulport, where 200 nuclear bombs are
stockpiled deep underground. And here is Faslane, the
base for Trident, Britain's illegal weapon of mass

And this is where we are going to shut down the base.
Our action will be peaceful, non-violent, and open -
but the base will be shut down. And you are cordially
invited to join us in this liberating event.

A right warm welcome awaits all those friends who can
come from abroad and help us with the BIG BLOCKADE on
February 12th, at Faslane, about 30 miles from
Glasgow. Please contact us for more details.

Brian Quail

Joint Secretary
The Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


Faslane on the Clyde, near Glasgow, is where Britain's four Trident nuclear missile submarines are based. Trident is an indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction, poised to kill millions of civilians, polluting the environment with radiation and outlawed by international humanitarian law. We have to do what we can to prevent this crime.

400 people sat outside the gates of Faslane last February. Their peaceful protest closed the base for several hours. With more people we can shut it down for the whole day. Many ordinary people, church leaders and politicians are already signed up for the Big Blockade. We need your help to make it even more effective.

Sitting in the road risks being arrested, but we believe that this non-violent action is justified. We will be upholding international law, our demonstration will be non-violent - we will act in peace for peace.

You can join the sit-down or support it by standing nearby without risking arrest. The Big Blockade Team will put you in touch with your local group. We are asking everyone taking part to go as a member of a group and to prepare for nonviolent direct action. Training and briefing sessions will be held in your area.

If you are interested in taking part please fill in the online form on the Scottish CND web-page: http://ds.dial.pipex.com/cndscot/protest/bigon.html.

Order A5 leaflets and A4 posters; Find out details of local transport, training and breifing sessions.

- phone the Big Blockade Action Line (0141 433 2859) or email Scottish CND: cndscot@dial.pipex.com.

Or write to: The Big Blockade Team, Scottish CND, 15 Barrland St, Glasgow, G41 1QH.

Organised by Scottish CND and Trident Ploughshares and supported by British CND.