T F F P r e s s I n f o # 9 9


"Milosevic certainly did not even think the thought. The opposition had hoped for it but hardly foreseen it would happened just like that. Western leaders and commentators had predicted about everything else but this: that nonviolence by the many would sweep away the authoritarian power presided over and solidified by Slobodan Milosevic over 13 years.

It was a miracle unfolding, minute by minute, in front of our eyes. Unarmed citizens were stronger, finally, than Milosevic' force. They also achieved in about 24 hours what NATO violence could not achieve in 78 days. It's yet another remarkable victory for non-violence. But do we see and understand it like that?"

This PressInfo - the first in a small series where we try to understand the implications of the recent changes - has the following headings.

* The power of nonviolence
* Two types of power and Gandhi: why all rulers are dependent
* The sources of power
* Why do people obey?
* Many reasons it happened now
* Rulers isolate themselves and lose the grip on reality

Read the analysis in full here: http://www.transnational.org

Soon to come:

PressInfo # 100 will deal with why nobody would really like Milosevic to turn up in the Hague. It's just another "Balkan" game played by the West.

PressInfo # 101 will analyze the changed conflict formation in the Balkans. The West made Milosevic the main factor. With him gone, its policies are likely to become even more counterproductive.

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